IBJ, The Intellectual Bank of Japan


Engagement for value-creating dynamics for customers

Based on engagement for value-creating dynamics in financial capital markets, IBJ will design future investment model to maximize growth opportunities for customers.

Feasible approarch for IBJ Mission

  1. Building up university endowment
  2. Cultivation of professionals for an advanced asset management of universities
  3. Enduring support of Innovation and entrepreneurship for universities


Company Name The Intellectual Bank of Japan, Inc.
Business Investment Advisor, Support for Establishment of University Endowment, Strengthen the Intellectual Innovation for University
Founder & CEO Hiromi Matsuda
Incorporation December 15, 2003
Capital JPY 84,000,000
Headquarter Kamiyacho MT Bldg. 14 th Floor, 4-3-20 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001, Japan
Registration Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Firms) No. 2975
Membership Japan Investment Advisers Association
Overseas Lab The Laboratory for Intellectual Innovation (Silicon Valley)

The Association for University Endowment


Client Relations & Program Events