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Since its establishment in December 2003, IBJ has supported domestic and international corporations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, with focus on venture corporations. From 2007, in this increasingly global and competitive marketplace, IBJ also began advising colleges and universities on various management issues. At IBJ, we strongly believe that colleges and universities are capable of achieving innovation by investing in their own growth. In order to propose the most appropriate strategy for each of our clients' growth stages, we are committed to providing a range of options and achieving full effect by use of pragmatic approaches.

Leveraging Best Practices in the Knowledge Community

In order to ensure high-quality and enhanced services for our clients, IBJ organizes various research activities and educational programs, and also leverages best practices and cutting edge knowledge. As part of this effort, in November 2009, IBJ organized the Symposium on University Hospital Management, with the cooperation of three university hospitals within Tokyo. We continue to be active in planning regular study groups and conferences and have invited front-line leaders and officials in various fields to these events.

Aiming Towards Customer Capitalism

IBJ's mission is to support the productivity improvement of innovation, which is essential in strengthening the foundations for sustainable growth. We also remain committed to customer capitalism. By taking full advantage of IBJ's global network, we will provide cutting-edge intellectual properties and various financial services. IBJ operates according to the above principles to meet our clients' true needs, and we continue to help generate the investment necessary for sustainable growth.

Hiromi Matsuda