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Our Services

Knowledge-Building with Our Clients

At IBJ, we face various business challenges and share important core values with our clients. We are committed to finding and solving challenging issues, and also provide various follow-up services.

By using our vast global network, we plan and organize research activities, workshops, and conferences, and we continue to support the intellectual creativity process of our clients.

Industry Practices   Functional Practices   Global Network
Financial Services Corporate Finance United States (New York,
Healthcare Management Strategy  Washington DC, Silicon Valley)
IT Marketing & Branding Singapore
Telecommunications Operations China (Beijing, Shanghai)
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Organizational Development India (Bangalore, Mumbai)
Nonprofit (see below) Career Development  

Nonprofit Sector Projects

We offer consulting services to nonprofit institutions (primarily universities) and take a practical approach to challenging issues with our clients. From a global and management perspective, we help our clients with their financial and marketing strategies. Together with our clients, we create the best practices for various business challenges, and we remain committed to contributing to our society.

  • National A University Alumni Association Project
    We supported the Continued Learning Project, which was carried out by the National A University Alumni Association. This project has enabled National A University and its Alumni Association to form a new connection.
  • National B University Facility Management
    IBJ took charge of facility management for National B University's new building. We continue to work on the marketing strategy and administrative operation aspects.
  • Private C University Donation Course
    With the help of IBJ, a company agreed to collaborate with Private B University to establish a Donation Course. We continue to work on the course design, administrative operation, and student services aspects.
  • Private D University Global Strategy
    We are currently promoting the global strategy for Private D University. Our services include establishing strongholds in locations abroad, building networks, and financial affairs.
  • University Management Seminars
    We held the University Management Seminar, which targeted US and Asian university management at national and private universities. IBJ continues to plan and organize periodic seminars for university management.
  • University Management Seminars Abroad
    We plan various university management seminars abroad, based on different themes. IBJ invites university management, practitioners, and researchers to these short-term and long-term seminars.
    IBJ collaborates with: Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges